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Takado Beinolmelel Commercial Company

Takado Beinolmelel Commercial Company was registered on April, 18th, 2002. The main activities of Takado Beinolmelal includes all commercial affairs from importing to exporting permitted goods, and partnership with legal and real persons. Takado Beinolmelal also supplies materials such as fireclay and Bauxite from domestic and international resources for manufacturing units.

Tehran Office: Floor No.3, No. 31, Saee 2 alley, Vali-e-Asr Avenue, Tehran

Tel: (021) 88679714, 88679438

Fax: (021) 88679427

Isfahan Office: Takado Building, across from the east gate of the University of Isfahan, Hezar jirib Avenue, Isfahan

Tel/Fax.: (031)36689412

Our Address:

Diplomat Building, Between Pol-E-Rumi Street and Sadr Bridge, Shariati Avenue, Tehran

Call Us:

Tel: (021) – 28172
Fax: (021) – 28172

Office Hours:

Our Support Hotline is available 7 hours a day, Saturday to Wednesday, 8 A.M. to 3 P.M., Iran Time