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Esteghlale Sepahan Raw Material Producer Co

Atieh Takado Investment Co. (private joint stock) is a subsidiary of Ehya Sepahan Inc. and Takado Holding and was established in 1995 to perform in fields such as making exploratory plans; extracting and exploiting mines; graveling; and purifying and processing minerals, to become the supplier of raw materials of refractories companies. Currently, Esteghlale Sepahan owns four mine complex in Ardal City (with the purity of 65 -67), namely Shahid Nilchian argillite and bauxite fireclay, Emamzadeh Ali Akbar Chahar Mahalo Bakhtiari Dolomite (with the CaO purity level of 55.6%); DehSorkh Mobarakeh Gypsum mine; Esfeh Dolomite; Sarvestan Shahreza Dolomite. Also, this company has registered auctions in Gol Gohar Sirjan Iron Ore mines; Esteghlal Abadeh fireclays; Nakhlak Anarak lead mines.  

Office Address:
No. 215; floor 2; Ali Mirza Building; Sheykh Sadough Shomali Avenue; Isfahan Postal Code: 8163874763
Telefax: (031) 36610061

Mines Address:
Deh Sorkh: Poly Akril fork way; Mobarakeh fork way; Dehsorkh
NIlchian: Bajgiran village, Kobar city; Chahar Mahalo Bakhtiari Province

Emamzadeh Ali Akbar: Emamzadeh Ali Akbar Village, 15th Km of Isfahan-Shahreza Road


Our Address:

Diplomat Building, Between Pol-E-Rumi Street and Sadr Bridge, Shariati Avenue, Tehran

Call Us:

Tel: (021) – 28172
Fax: (021) – 28172

Office Hours:

Our Support Hotline is available 7 hours a day, Saturday to Wednesday, 8 A.M. to 3 P.M., Iran Time